TV & Realtime

Frameworks, News cycle graphics, VR, AR


News cycle graphics

News cycle requires specific approach and correct assessment of clients/producer needs that can be realized in a extreme deadline. This difficult task is a crucial starting point, followed by correct hierarchy of assets and available rendering power. 


Alarm for TVP S.A.

Frameworks development

Tickers and special accents motives

Special events remaiders and framework

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Flesz Historii

Framework for TVP Historia Show

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Jaka to melodia?

2D logo design for reintroduction of major TVP music show

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VR Works for Polish National TV

Zwierzaki for TVP ABC

Realtime virtual scenography assets and design for kids show

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Nieziemscy for TVP ABC

Full show framework with an opening animation and digital animated character for 19 episodes 

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Polish EU Elections for TVP

Framework for election gala with an opening animation and VR assets in VIZ RT enviroment 

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Tools for TV

Automated tools and scripting are bringing essential, in my opinion, flexibility to a studio. Weather, mini promos, paylists, and some info graphics for sport can be turned into separate programs that steamline graphic content creation process.


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